Elephant Hill is located in the Arberdares forest in Nyandarua County. Its name was coined due to the hill’s appearance which resembles the form of an Elephant. The trek up the hill takes about 7 – 8hrs depending on the pace of the group. The hill majestically raises at 12000 FT ASL. The difficulty level is high; hikers need to be reasonable fit to attempt it.


I have previously written an article here about my last experience hiking Elephant Hill. I think this was one of those experiences you encounter as you pursue your passion that sort of baptizes you into the reality of what exactly you are doing.

Hiking is a wonderful experience, you get to challenge your mind and body and prove to yourself that you can literally conquer mountains. On the other hand it presents risks such as physical injuries or in my case getting lost in the forest at night with the possibility of wild animals attacking. I guess that with whatever you choose to pursue the universe will present you with a challenge for you to overcome it so that you can wear your badge of honor proudly.

This year in February I joined Xtrm Adventures to face the same mountain that had humbled us years back. The team I was with that night had come back to this hike and conquered it at least twice, I was the only one who had not faced it since that fateful night back in 2017. Other than that this would be one of the biggest hikes I’d have to encounter in my journey back to the mountains.

With my enrollment back to the gym and using Mt. Longonot to train, I felt fairly confident that I would summit Elephant Hill. All in all I had not properly conceived the effort it took to summit. I summited yes, but it was haaaaaaaaard.

We arrived at Njabini gate at around 8.30 am and I was very happy to notice quite a number of other people who had come to attempt the hike. This was a clear indication of the peak in travel among local tourists. I could estimate about 200 people from different camps taking part in that day’s hike.

After a 30mins session of stretching and taking our instructions from the guides we embarked on the trail at 9 am. I could tell that the group was more organized as compared to the previous years. The guides were very attentive and encouraged us all through to push ourselves whenever we felt like giving up.