I couple of years’ back I hanged my hiking boots and talked about it here. I sort of stumbled onto it then and actually enjoyed it. It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and go out and explore our beautiful country one step at a time.

However a couple of mountains down the line my body just gave up. I can’t quite explain it. On our way up William Hill one day my body just gave up. I had done more exerting and challenging hikes but this particular one; weh! Tested me to the core. I really struggled to summit and then and there I decided I needed a break.

3 years later I’m plumper chubbier and less fit but I’m back baby! 🙂 . I’m starting this journey again one step at a time and hoping to do at least a total of 12 hikes by the end of the New Year. I’ve gone back to the gym to get strong and move faster. I’m currently documenting this process on my IG page @isabellamaingi, so please follow me to see what I do in terms of working out and the food I’m eating.

As I embark on this journey once more I aim to inspire you to leave your comfort zones and go after that passion that inspires you to be better and do better.

Hiking is not easy; the process of training and getting your mind right is painful and hard just like any other sport. But I love it for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s metaphor-ness related to success with business, family, and life in general. The hardships and rewards you encounter on the way to the summit are very relatable to how life is.
  2. The opportunity to discover and learn of new places that are often not marketed as travel destinations and the ability to showcase these places through my writing and the photos we take on the way.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I can’t wait to share these experiences with you.

Love & Love,