I happened to join my colleagues on a game drive at The Nairobi National Park this past weekend and I will have to admit that it’s been ages since I went to the park. I believe the last time I was there was on my way to Kitengela glass sometime early last year. This recent visit, however, sparked a bit of concern, to be honest.

A quick search on google reveals that The Nairobi National Park was established in 1946 and was one of Kenya’s first ever parks. The reserve was established in the 19th century to end the long suffered human-wildlife conflict that took place at the time. Over time the park became quite popular for postcard images of wildlife with the city offering an amazing backdrop for the images.


Truthfully speaking the park hasn’t been a standard safari destination for a while a now, in my opinion, and I stand to be corrected, it no longer offers the thrill and scenery that is evident in parks such as the Mara, Amboseli et al. which is quite a concern. The Nairobi National Park being the only park in the world that’s located in a city deserves to remain iconic and all measures necessary should be taken to ensure this National heritage retains its glory. It almost feels like the park, most often than not, is usually an afterthought to most people when making travel-related decisions.

This is would be a key interest item for further research and identify the change in consumption of the product and deciding what efforts should be made to reinvent it and make it more interesting for people to visit. I believe this is a conversation that needs to be had by industry stakeholders.

That said, the park is the ideal place for a quick getaway when you are in Nairobi. It hosts 4 of the big 5 with an exception of elephants, due to its size the park would be too small to have herds of elephants.

It’s advisable to have the game drive early in the morning, this is when most animals are active and can be sighted easily.

Charges into the park are paid via Mpesa or Visa cards; Resident adults pay Kshs. 1030 while children /students pay Kshs. 515.

It’s advisable to carry snacks that you can have at the picnic site once you are done with your game drive.