Image sourced from Leruat Log Resort FB page

Dear husband if you are reading this please note my ideal honeymoon will be in a log cabin nestled peacefully at the base of a snow-capped Mountain overlooking an unclouded turquoise blue lake. We shall take endless walks in the woods, try our hand at fishing and have breakfast on the shores of the lake as we watch the sun rise, I also envision learning to horse ride with you :). Most of our evenings shall culminate with us wrapped warmly in each other’s arms sipping on some hot chocolate as we reminisce the day that was or catching up on the latest series that will be going on at the time… Sigh!

I am yet to visit an actual log cabin here in Kenya I’m not certain that such exist locally, I could be wrong though. If any of you wonderful readers know of one, please email me through here. I would be glad to review it.

Sometime last year I had the pleasure of visiting Leruat Log Resort in Kumpa, Kajiado County and it was wonderful! The resort is built strategically on top of a valley giving residents un- paralleled dramatic view of the landscape. The architecture of the resort is modeled brilliantly to reflect the aesthetics of an actual log cabin, the only thing missing from the whole picture was a couple of horses. I immediately fell in love with this place!

Leruat Log Resort in my own view is the ideal place for the perfect weekend getaway with your better half, family, and friends. It’s the place to be if all you want is some peace and quiet and to get in tune with nature.

There are a couple of areas that I really loved and would like to share with you guys.


The Lounge area / Living Room:

The lounge area is neatly tucked away at the furthest end of the resort. Which I honestly didn’t seem to mind as all the amenities are within proximity of each other. I have also chosen to call it the living area as it honestly gives you the comforts of home away from home.

I was immediately drawn to the fireplace area. It’s surrounded by big cushy and comfortable lounge chairs. Call me a loner but I couldn’t wait to catch up on my then read and this place seemed the ideal place to do so. If you are like me catch up on your latest book with some hot chocolate in hand or a glass of wine as the fireplace literally warms up your evening.

Right adjacent to the fireplace is a dining area, it’s not too big but has the perfect amount of space to hold your choice of company. It’s ideal for a more intimate and interactive meal time. (I’m sorry guys I don’t seem to have this photo 🙁 )


Outside seating area:

Image courtesy of Leruat Log Resort FB page

Right outside the living room/lounge area, there’s an open seating place characterized by wooden tables, stools, and a shade. The outdoor furniture is uniquely curved to resemble paddle wheels. The trees surrounding the space gives it a cooling effect which makes it the perfect place to grab a cold glass of juice after your midday activities and as you prepare for lunch.

The deck next to the tower rooms.

I don’t think they currently have any activities set out in this section, but the moment I saw it my head visualized it as the perfect place for a sundowner. This place gives you a bird’s eye view of the landscape.

I apologize for the few images, I was on a work assignment and hence did not have sufficient time to take pictures. Sorry guys.


What can be improved on:

Again, I visited this place quite a while ago so these things may have already been improved on.

A reliable contact number – this could be due to the poor connectivity of the place.

They should set up a dedicated team for reservations

They could work on getting a website up that allows online booking and payments

At the time of visit, they did not have WiFi available.


Quick takeaways:

Carry sufficient warm clothing it gets very chilly.

They have buggies, A pool table, and a games room.

There’s also a conference facility.

It would be advisable to use a 4X4 car, once you exit the highway the terrain becomes very steep and hard to navigate.



Leruat Log Resort is a place I would like to visit again. It’s a beautiful space with the most charming staff. I would, therefore, recommend it without hesitation.


How to get there:

Leruat Log Resort is in Kumpa, Kajiado County.

Google maps:

It’s approximately one and a half hours’ drive from Nairobi.

The contact number we used: +254 0708735646 or simply get in touch with us and we will be glad to help!

You can also engage them through here: