Happy New month loves!

Making: Plans for the new quarter and a short getaway to usher in my Birthday Month!

Cooking: Nothing at the moment.

Drinking: lots of soda,

Reading: The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes , 2 months down the line sigh

Wanting: To get in shape, which highly contradicts my current eating habits

Looking: Forward to achieving some new but frightening goals.

Playing: Resident evil

Wasting: No time in going after what I want.

Wishing: I had a Defender Land rover

Enjoying: Being in my house, I still can’t believe I have my own space.

Waiting: For the day I will retire from employment, hopefully before I get to 30

Wondering: what kind of a mum I will be, held my new niece for the first time the other day and couldn’t help but wish I had mine already.

Loving: This new blog I discovered Rachel Talbott she seems so perfect.

Hoping: My birthday month will be nothing but awesome!

Marveling: At how awesome life can be.

Needing: A massage like yesterday

Smelling: My neighbor’s cooking.

Feeling: Restless