My appreciation for hiking hasn’t wavered but I gathered I should take somewhat of a sabbatical from it, how so you may ask? Well this came in as a pure and genuine response from my body. This is what happened.

A few months after getting lost in the Arberdares I embarked on a new hike, filled with enthusiasm I would rejoin my partners in crime in a not so daring adventure but in a bid to dip our feet back in the waters, in a manner of speaking. We would embark on a somewhat moderate level hike. I had no doubt that I would conquer this hill.


Nonetheless, half way up the summit my body gave up which came as an utter shock. I mean for my first hike I did 2 hills in one day in the hottest weather possible yet here I was heaving and puffing defeated by one moderate level hill.

I all over sudden felt winded; I had kept hydrated and fed enough yet for some reason my body just wasn’t having it. I remember seating down to catch my breath and as I eased myself on a patch of grass I couldn’t understand why on earth this was becoming too hard yet I had spent 32 hrs hiking lost in a forest I mean this was supposed to be a walk over for me.

There’s little ol me in a red shirt and bandana.


There and then I decided that I needed a break from all of it. I didn’t feel the energy or the enthusiasm to go up the hills anymore, I wasn’t going to come back until I felt that I was physically and mentally prepared for it. I needed a less aggressive adventure a new experience in entirety.

The climb up was nothing but antagonizing. I had come too far to go back down the only way to end this was to finish it, it was the easiest option at the time. Isn’t it amazing how life presents certain sardonic situations, when you’re faced with a tough situation at times the only way to get through it is to go through it.

Hiking was like an old lover, the kind that comes and sweeps you off your feet. You look forward to the next meeting because you can’t wait for the exhilarating new experiences he presents. You discover facets about yourself that you never realized you had in you but like all affairs the flame and flare of it all dwindles after sometime.

Maybe one day the fire will ignite once more…