I recall when I went for my first hike I was thrilled and the same time anxious. I wasn’t quite sure of what I was getting myself into, but as fate would have it, hiking became my new-found hobby.


(First hike – Kalembwani and Arm chair with https://www.facebook.com/BucketlistKenya/ )

The more I hiked the more I had a greater appreciation for the sport, not only did I get my physical and mental work out done but spiritually as well. It’s simply amazing to literally walk through clouds and have a bird’s eye view of the ground below, it truly confirms that there’s a God in heaven. The remarkable sights seen feel like the hills are rewarding you for a well put effort for coming so far. Its spectacular!

Hiking reminded me much about life; the challenges we face, the good times, the moments where you must apply your absolute faith and belief. The instants you learn the only way to get over something is to go through it and learning to trust yourself and gut wittiness.

The effort you put in pulling yourself over the steep climbs, trudging through muddy and slippery terrain, can and was used as a metaphor to reflect on my life. Every hill I conquered was symbolic to any difficult situation I had faced or was facing at the time. I would tell myself if I can make it to the summit –read overcoming safari ants and the technical climb – then I can face anything. All I had to do was practice the same mantra “mind over matter” and take one step at a time.

Just like in everyday life I would get tempted to compare and compete with others. In this instance, there are those we call the pacesetters, the fastest group in the team who would often be leading. I admired them, their resilience and ability to maintain the same fast paced momentum was amazing.

I never managed to become a pacesetter but boy did I try. You see in as much as hiking is a sport it’s got a lot of teachable points to apply in everyday life. It got me through a phase and in as much as this is true I have hanged my hiking boots and I’ll tell you why….


(To be continued…)