*Dusts off these streets woof woof*

 Hallo beautiful people, First and foremost happy new month, secondly it sure feels good to be back, why don’t we start with a taking stock post!

Making: Dinner for the family, I’m over at mums visiting

Cooking: some interesting recipes that are turning my bland food to a sweet delight

Drinking: lots of fluids

Reading: Two books – Celebrate yourself by Kathy Kiuna and The Magic by Rhonda Bynes.

Wanting: A whole new wardrobe

Looking: Forward to a solo vacation

Playing: Shape of you by Ed Sheeran

Wasting: Time by binge watching movies and series

Wishing: I had a million dollars

Enjoying: Mangos, sweet sweet mangoes

Waiting: For the food to get ready

Wondering: what kind of a mum I will be

Loving: My new-found confidence

Hoping: that tomorrow will be an awesome day

Marveling: at the power of visualizing something into existence.

Needing: A car like yesterday

Smelling: Garlic

Feeling: Hopeful

Thank you for stopping by