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While spontaneous trips can be a lot  fun and appealing to the adventure seekers, there are plenty of reasons for planning your December holiday as far in advance as possible. In fact right now would be a great time to start.(insert hyperlink to planning a holiday).

Even though in Kenya we’re yet to have early bird offers for December holidays, making plans early gives you peace of mind as well as giving your family something to look forward to.

Here are top 5 reasons to start planning early

  1. Peace of mind.

How many times have you made your Christmas bookings late and the most common response you get is, “we are fully booked!”  The options left available are not as appealing, you give up and decide to just stay home or travel to the up-country.

By booking early you have more choices of properties to book, better room categories available, Kid friendly packages and so much more.

2. Anticipation.

You simply cant wait until the day comes and you can finally have that much awaited vacay.

3. Gives you more time to save.

Most properties will expect you to pay the full amount in advance. Paying this amount all at once may not be practical most of the time. However most properties as well as travel agents will allow you to make payments in installments before the due date. This way that vacation that looked almost impossible to pay for, with better planning becomes more and more a possibility.( Do a case study with Margaret on HPS).

NB: It is always advisable to secure your travel plans with a deposit.

4. Flexibility

I am certain every property or travel agent has a disclaimer on terms of payment and bookings. In case you are not aware, cancellation or a change in your booking arrangements, already secured with a deposit of fully paid for, incurs penalties if the travel date is in the 30 days period.

Planning early saves you this headache, it gives you more time to accommodate any changes in good time.

5. Inspire fellow travelers.

Here in Kenya we have a popular phrase  “what’s the plot this Christmas?” it loosely translates to what fun plans do you have for either the weekend or holiday? So my fellow readers if you have never had an amazing plot to brag about, be audacious and plan for the ideal holiday and show everyone what the plot is.