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These series of posts were meant to go live weeks ago, yet still here I am 🙁 … but there is no way I’m going to leave you guys without letting you know about my stay at the 7 islands… I promise you will love the place… pinky promise.

I didn’t do much on the first day apart from sleep, eat and swim; I was quite exhausted given that we were on the road the whole night. However our animator Zenga whom we chose to rename “Njenga” had the whole day already planned out, he made sure we had a blast regardless of how tired we were.

First thing on my agenda FOOD, a girl has got to eat right? I was obsessed with their salad bar, I was simply lost for choice.

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After lunch “Njenga” mentioned that we should change into our swimming costumes and get ready for the first activity of the day, water aerobics, everybody was excited and we couldn’t wait to cool off in the ever so appealing water.

I was about 2 and half feet above the water grinning from ear to ear as I joined the rest of the team in the pool. I felt like a child splashing the glassy blue water all around, I had this air of freedom around me the kind that does not limit you to express yourself fully. . I can assure you it wasn’t the music or the amazing view of “Njenga” doing what he does best 😉 I was just happy to be in the water.

The tecno music famously played during aerobics went on from the DJs booth acting as a que for “Njenga” and his colleague to initiate the first round of water aerobics. We imitated every move he made just like a curious child would emulate a parent. The moves looked easy enough to do but because of the water it felt like I had invisible dumbbells throughout the one hour routine.

7 islands pool

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Filled with exhaustion and so much happiness I was ready to just lounge in one of the day beds provided at the pool area. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was completely out of it, this would have been a perfect spot to catch up on my current read while sipping some yummy mango juice not to mention taking in the amazing view of the palm trees overlooking the ocean.  Contrary to my case the rest of the team was still pumped, they spent the rest of the day playing water polo and volley ball.

I particularly appreciated the fact that they made sure there was ample seating in the pool area. The day beds are generously spread out along the edges of the pool, in addition to that extra seating is provided at the open plan pool bar where guests can lounge and enjoy some tea and bitings till around five pm.

7 islands pool 3

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If you’re not the kind to sleep early, the team over at 7 Islands ensures you are adequately entertained. For instance the pool and the bar itself remains open till 12am; in addition to that every evening has something planned out for the guests. On our first night the animation team entertained us by showing us some cool dancing moves, more about this in the up-coming articles.

Day 1 was done!