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I work very hard; at least I think I do, hence if not careful fatigue and anxiety tend to become a constant in my world.Those who know me can attest to the fact that I’m not very likable when fatigued. My thoughts tend to get inconsistent, I snap and get irritated easily. At such times I usually feel the need to run away from my current situation / environment to a place I will feel most comfortable to calm me. I particularly narrow my choices to two places, the beach or the highlands, some place where there are only natural noises such as waking up to the sound of birds chirping, the crackling sound of leaves as the wind glazes through the trees, the sound of the ocean and so on.

I had planned to take a break in January but had not really decided on where exactly to go. Luckily enough this decision was narrowed down for me after receiving an invitation from the good people over at 7 Islands resort in Watamu to visit their facility and have an all paid for 3 days holiday at the property, talk about good timing! I packed my bags and in the company of amazing colleagues off we went.

We got to the resort well over 8 am Thursday morning and were welcomed with a cold cocktail juice to cool us off from the coastal heat. After brief introductions we checked in and freshened up for breakfast.Before I get into detail on what we did and how the holiday was allow me to just gush about their choice of décor in this post. 

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The whole resort is themed after the Arabic / Swahili design, quite proper given their location. The furniture and furnishings at the reception area as well as in the rooms are all handmade, .

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 The brass lanterns create a masculine and solid effect balancing out the delicate and flirtatious feel of the spaces.

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I particularly liked the use of the Kikoy throw pillows and cushions to contrast the all white theme yet still maintaining the Arabic / Swahili Aesthetics.

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One can tell that they have put tremendous thought into every detail especially in the common areas, even though the place looks effortlessly luxurious one feels immediately at home.

I was quite intrigued to discover that every staff from housekeeping, the gardeners to those in the senior most positions speak fluent Italian, sensible since majority of their clientele are Italians. They also had this charm about them which made one feel comfortable, they offered help and suggestions in a way that did not seem pushy or intrusive.

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Good things are meant to be shared, this place is definitely one of those things in the next posts I will go all out and into detail as to why.