My Safari Notebook

I do not like the phrase “New Year resolutions” It symbolize an end and a beginning to something all at the same time, the twist of emotions those words evoke is what I don’t like. I instead replace those words with setting goals or aspirations; goal setting nudges me into a more positive mental space, the process helps me realize whether I have achieved any milestones in the past year, lessons learnt and gives a progression of what goals to set in the New Year.

This year I have chosen to Keep It Simple Stupid with only 5 goals.

1. Get organized.

I am determined to have a more organized space, that is both at home and the office, and meet deadlines easily by planning in advance. No more running around like a headless chicken.

2.To be the best possible version of myself.

I am very proud of myself as I write this; I lost about 5kgs in two months by signing up at the gym and taking up hiking. I am not overweight really I simply felt that my fitness levels were very discouraging and hence the need to be more active. My biggest challenge so far has been meals, so this year I will be very vigilant with what I eat.

The second thing I will work on is finding my personal style. I love clothes and keeping up with the latest trends but I realized I don’t quite have a specific style that compliments me well, so God willing this will be the year to get it.

Career: I have been very fortunate to have the travel agency running, the company just turned one year in 2015 and the progress made has been totally amazing, all thanks to God and my wonderful clientele. As for the blog I started taking it seriously only a few months ago, this year I have purposed to build my brand and make a much stronger presence, watch this space 🙂 .

3.Get my creative juices flowing.

I love being creative, the joy and fulfillment I get is indescribable. I love photography, writing, fashion and designing beautiful spaces. This year will be a creative year!

4.Enjoy life more.

Given the hectic, stressful lifestyles we live enjoying life is increasingly becoming elusive so much so that majority of people do not know how to be happy. We become so accustomed to misery that happiness becomes a daunting task.

Nurturing a young business can be very demanding and many times I have found myself suffering from fatigue and stress. I will work from Monday to Monday and through the holidays, allowing myself only a couple of hours to rest.  Needless to say I burn out and crash.

This year I have purposefully decided to schedule me time at least once a week in my diary. During this time I will do absolutely nothing work related but instead do activities that make me happy, such as heading to the Karura forest for a morning run, heading over to Java for my favorite minty drink or hot chocolate with my current read, thereafter in the evening catch up with my movies or series or head out with pals for random outings.

5.Save more.

For the longest time I have been planning to start saving and investing. I intend on making this more of a reality.

Have a happy New Year folks!