Lake magadi hot springs 10

Location: Lake Magadi Hot Springs

Photography: Isabel Maingi

Not so long ago we did a road trip down to Lake Magadi. I love doing long drives with friends and awesome company, however (insert Ian Mbugua’s voice), the route to this location needs some serious upgrade whoa! Word of advice a 4 wheel vehicle would be preferable for this, anything else do not attempt! It took us a good 5hrs to get to the location.

Today’s article is one of those you let the pictures do the talking….

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What to carry:

1. A camera.

2. Sun glasses and sunscreen.

2. Money to buy locally made crafts and jewelery and any other expenses that may arise.

3. A swimming costume, towels and sun screen – The springs are not very hot, one can therefore take a dip in the water. There’s also a swimming pool, If I’m not wrong the charges should be Kshs. 500

4. Moisturizer / Lotion – The water leaves you with an ashy look and could leave your skin very dry after washing up.


What to wear:

1. Comfortable shoes and clothes for ease of walking around.

2. Sandals to wear in the shower.