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“Winning isn’t about finishing in first place. It isn’t about beating the others. It is about overcoming yourself. Overcoming your body, your limitations, and your fears. Winning means surpassing yourself and turning your dreams into reality.” ― Kilian Jornet

Event: William Hill

Elevation: 2300M

Location: Kikuyu Escarpment

Event organizers: Bucket List Travel Club

Photography: Isabel Maingi



My 3rd hike, yippee!! I know I have only posted two hikes so far on here, but I promise this is the 3rd one, I wasn’t able to document the first ( organized by the same company) simply because it was too grueling.

I recently discovered the reason to my new love for hiking. It is not just a physical exercise, which is a major plus, but a reflection of life….. think about it!

Life somehow resembles a mountain/ hill that you need to summit.

When hiking you will experience both harsh and easy terrains, beautiful scenery, sometimes the sun will be too hot, other times it will be extremely cold, raining heavily or the weather will be just perfect. You can never really tell what to expect on a hike, thus most event organizers will advise you to come prepared for anything.

In addition to that becoming an experienced hiker or a pace setter ( these are the guys who always reach the summit first) you will need to prepare your body well in advance by doing some form of exercise. Nevertheless no matter how hard you train once your back out there you will always have that little doubt in your head….choose to ignore it!

Similarly in life, we embark on this journey not knowing what we will find ahead. Sometimes the journey will be easy other times extremely hard. You will find all sorts of “terrain” and “weather elements” that you had not anticipated.

Embarking on a hike ( and I am not talking about nature walks, I mean the real deal ) you challenge your body as well as your mind. You will need to device strategies on the go on how to reach to the top. You constantly have to keep up with the rest, being left behind could cause serious security concerns. You have to make quick decisions constantly, you have to keep pushing yourself to move even when you can barely lift a leg.

In this particular hike, I found it quite easy and not challenging as the others, one of the guys commented that I did not look the least bit tired once we got back to base. Lets just say the feedback from my body was great and I knew that I am now on the right path in terms of my health and fitness levels ;).

My Safari Notebook

My Safari Notebook 4

My Safari Notebook 3

My Safari Notebook 6

My Safari Notebook 2Munyaka Njiru event organizer at Bucket List Travel Club

My Safari Notebook 13

My Safari Notebook 10

My Safari Notebook 9The first water break we had was after trekking for on average of 8Kms on a very dusty road.

My Safari Notebook 8

My Safari Notebook 11

My Safari Notebook 16

My Safari Notebook 24

My Safari Notebook 23Notice how the stones are stacked on top each other.

My Safari Notebook 22

My Safari Notebook 26We encountered a community that lives at the foot of the hill. They were very pleasant and quite helpful.
My Safari Notebook 25This beautiful bracelet is made from recycled paper.

My Safari Notebook 18

My Safari Notebook 31My Safari Notebook 38

My Safari Notebook 37

My Safari Notebook 35

My Safari Notebook 39The view from the summit.

My Safari Notebook 32

I will continue to do this kind of stuff because it motivates me and moves me from my comfort zone, if I’m able to make decisive decisions quick and conquer the mountains then I can overcome anything that life throws in my way.


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