My Safari notebook - you need a vacation

                                ” I can’t tell how much we needed this, I knew i needed this prior to the trip…….”


Today’s post is inspired by an article I read a few minutes ago and the lines up there are part of it. The writer was recounting her experience as she vacationed with her husband, no children just her and the husband. I could vividly see the images of the places  that they went, the activities that they did and the emotion she must have had at that particular time through her narration.


This article has re-energized my focus on getting the Kenyan community to fully embrace the habit of travel, long gone are the days when we thought that this type of “luxury” was for the select few, the elite and the well off. I am happy to report that a few of us have actually evolved from this type of thinking, evident by our growing customer base, however the numbers are still too small. Unfortunately the majority are still trapped in this wrong thinking.


This is nothing but a lie from the devil,our biggest hindrance from progress has always been the lack of planning and planning well. If we only allowed ourselves to take time to plan for our holidays, we would greatly boost the economy of this great country and at the same time doing ourselves a huge amount of good. I do agree that there are not enough campaigns to educate our people on how to go about planning for a vacation, even the travel agents that we have are more focused on the international market instead of capitalizing on what we already have here at home,this is indeed a great shame. Our main focus is to embark on damage control projects when hit with travel advisories. If we had a stable stream of revenue from the domestic market the advisories would not rock us as hard as witnessed previously.


I would like to pose this question to you, are you only working very hard to pay bills,retire and have nothing much of a life to show at the end of it all? Wouldn’t you want to be enriched from the great wealth of adventure so that you may have wonderful stories to recount to your grandchildren in your golden age? Wealth creation and financial freedom is indeed important, but you need to also invest in yourself, in your well being and travelling has been found out to have great health benefits and therapeutic effects in addition to that it enriches your mind through learning the different cultures you will come across.


I have great news though, you do not need to have readily available cash in the month of December and spend it all on your vacation, then come January you struggle throughout the month just to keep your head above the water. Yes I have a secret,I have a way out for us and I am willing to share it with you, the question is will you be diligent enough to see it through……