coming up with the money

Hello people,

So today, we will be talking about saving for the holidays. In case you did not go through the first articles, it would be wise to do so before proceeding with this step, the first steps can be found here and here.

One of the many reasons I hear people giving about not travelling is because they cannot afford it, let’s face it we all have bills to pay and money emergencies that seem to sneak up on you. Travelling is expensive but if you’re serious about it, it can be done.

Therefore, here is what you need to do.

  1. Manage your finances, if your life does not depend on that pair of shoes or jeans, please don’t buy it save that money instead.I have a friend who would spend Kshs. 20,000 (approx. usd 200) per month on alcohol only, thats Kshs. 240,000 (usd 2,400) per year, thats a proper holiday budget. I do hope he changed.
  2. When making your monthly budget start allocating some money for your vacation, this will help you take more notice of it. If you’re not confident about this I guide people on how to go about it, talk to me :). Make sure you always write down your expenditure its life changing, preferably use an excel sheet.
  3. Find an accountability partner. When I embarked on my weight loss journey at the beginning of this month I found myself sticking to the right path simply because I had someone to report to everyday. The thought of looking like a failure highly motivated me and kept me on track. The concept is the same with anything else including saving money for your vacation. Find someone who shares the same goals as you and get on the journey together.
  4. Once that is done talk to your travel agent (insert my name here🙂 ) and start booking early, this will keep you highly motivated to keep saving that money, and guess what you can finally say no to the popular night outs with the friends without feeling bad about it. Trust me it actually works, plus its easier to say no when you have an exciting vacation in a few months.


Remember the mood board ? this is where it comes in handy

My safari notebook - MB

  1. Break down the agreed amount into monthly payments and start paying immediately. It is important to note that these steps should be done preferably a year in advance if you would like more time to save, or 3 months in advance if you have the money readily available.
  2. The final step, ensure that you are aware of when the deadline for the payment should be done. It is always advisable to complete your payments a month before or latest a week before travelling. This ensures you have a smooth time checking in at the hotel and having ample time to make alterations that might be arise.


My personal opinion in saving for a holiday is to start immediately, if you wish to travel in December start saving in January, its that simple. For example if you saved 10,000/= every month for 11 months that could enable you to afford accommodation in a four star hotel for at least 3 days for a family of four. The lower the star the more days you have, so what are you waiting for?

As you work on the steps I will leave you with this challenge, how much would you score on a contest that entailed of how well you knew Kenya? Your opponent is a foreign tourist with a 2-year travel record in Kenya.


In case you would like further assistance with these steps, please leave a comment behind or email us at